Dollar 009

Artist : Thaweesak Srithongdee
Dollar 009 / Bangkok Thailand.
600 x 400 x 600 cm
Fiberglass and industrial grade color spray

Concept: A female model " Dollar" is created to represent humans in this world. We need to prepare for and adapt to all kinds of unpredictable changes e.g. economic, political, technological, environmental, etc. The Dollar girl has a creamy- white color and is dressed in uniform with an alien figure in large scale. Dollar is placed in a chaotic area where a lot of people move and walk around. But, she sits still and looks like she is staring at something. I intend make Dollar look tense (stressed, not relaxed) and not lively to contrast with the environment around her during the day and resemble loneliness in the nighttime.

The name "Dollar" refers to the basic unit of currency in the United States, which makes up 5 percent of the world population but controls 25 percent of the world economy and has become the most powerful nation in the world. Thus, The United States effects the rest of us in the world economically, military and politically.


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